“When it comes to contacting potential sellers, I’m far more motivated by quality than quantity. I’m constantly seeking highly targeted, measured opportunities that fit well with our clients’ criteria.”

– Mark A. Duss

What to Expect

  • We deliver high-quality work, efficiency, and results.
  • We contact prospective sellers with professionalism, confidentiality, integrity, and straightforwardness.
  • Strategic planning skills: For each client, we prepare a project profile that enhances their strategic direction and their vision of their marketplace.
  • Partner relationships: We see our work as a partnership, not an assignment. We listen attentively to both our clients and acquisition prospects so that we can find synergies in their goals and objectives.
  • We provide candid, honest assessments.
  • Good follow-through: We provide weekly updates and a contact grid for specific searches with commentary, action plan, and embedded calendars.
  • A long-term relationship: We stay in touch with clients and watch out for their interests, even after projects and retainers expire.