In considering the potential sale of one's business, an owner's objectives frequently concern forging strategic relationships, obtaining a capital infusion for meeting growth demands, planning for retirement and/or estate disbursements, gaining liquidity, profiting from industry consolidation, funding build-ups, preparing for an IPO, etc.

For the sell-side of the transaction, RVK strives to always be professional, informative, and discrete.

We level the playing field, providing a wealth of information about our client, the prospective buyer, and the benefits of a relationship between the two companies. We always define RVK's role in the process and ensure the prospective seller's comfort with continuity of the process before we take the next step.

When a company receives a letter from us, they know that we represent a real client with a specific interest in their company. We don't "fish" for sellers in the hope of hooking them up someday with a still-undetermined buyer. We won't show their company to anyone other than our client.

That said, however, we note that part of RVK's success comes from our maintaining long-term relationships. Once we come to know a seller, even if a transaction doesn't work out with our client, we maintain the relationship. But before sharing information about that company with another prospective buyer, we will always get clear authorization from the seller.

It is also important to note that our clients understand the often-difficult matters related to change in ownership with closely-held businesses. Since our buy-side clients build their philosophy around taking into account the needs of business owners, they provide special consideration for the requirements of company employees and customers. They are also flexible with regards to transaction type. Depending upon a seller's needs, our buyers consider numerous structures in forming a partnership in which their financial resources and a seller's strong managerial track record can build a business of significantly greater scale.