“We are driven to provide our clients with quality connections, but perhaps even more importantly, to be an extension of their company.”

– Jeff Gill


We work closely with our clients to understand their acquisition objectives and formulate a well thought-out action plan for building long-standing and effective relationships.

  • We access our own database and others, with data on 15 million companies, to find businesses that match our clients' goals. We present an initial list to the client to make sure we're addressing all the right parameters. For each company the client is interested in, we provide a robust preliminary profile.
  • We begin by contacting the companies by FedEx, mail, and phone. The initial letter is highly customized and specific. We communicate that the inquiry is from a real company with serious and specific interests — not a fishing expedition. Our first goal is to create a level playing field, so we only convey as much information about our client as the client has authorized. We always clarify that the communication is absolutely confidential and define RVK's role. We follow up with additional correspondence if we determine that there is an interest in going further.
  • We prepare a more detailed company profile for the client based on these initial conversations. If the client is interested, we arrange for a phone call between the client and potential seller. We follow up with each party and address any issues that have surfaced, including human factors and the chemistry of personalities. Next, we arrange a visit by our client to the prospective seller.
  • Always listening closely to each company, we facilitate the exchange of the information necessary for them to arrive at a Letter of Agreement.  At that point, the companies perform their due diligence, with the goal of closing the deal.