Building Relationships Through...

- Quality Connections
- Flexibility
- Honesty & Integrity
- Focus

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Quality Connections

We work to know our clients and their objectives thoroughly before we begin. We develop detailed criteria, then research extensively to identify companies that closely match. We talk to each prospect to ascertain interest, build trust, and learn more about them and their goals. We present opportunities to our client only when we know there is a fit and a willingness to talk further. Finally, we facilitate conversations while smoothing out rough patches. The result is a quality connection.


RVK adapts our working relationship to match our clients' needs. For some, we are a partner sitting at the table and mapping corporate strategy. For others, we stay out of the way. Some clients want a few, highly qualified prospects; others want to see as many as possible that match a few broad criteria. Our proprietary database is among the most robust and versatile in the industry, containing detailed information on more than 150,000 companies. It gives us the flexibility to search by unlimited combinations of criteria.

Honesty & Integrity

For more than 30 years, RVK has built long-term client relationships by exercising the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality. Our success in closing deals has its foundation in our straightforward approach and the trust we build. We strive to level the playing field for buyers and sellers. Prospective sellers know that we are bringing them a serious proposal. Prospective buyers know that the companies we show them are in their sweet spot and ready to talk.


Because RVK is committed 100 percent to making deals — it's all we do — nothing distracts our focus. Our searches take a straightforward approach. We bring our clients deals intensely focused on their specific criteria and portfolios — qualified and vetted. Our approach frees our clients from weeding through a lot of unlikely prospects, allowing them to focus on what they do best to close deals.